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New: Party Time - Volume 2 - Big Jay McNeely,
Martijn Schok, Rinus Groeneveld
(release: 2011)

Party Time, Big Jay McNeely,
Martijn Schok, Rinus Groeneveld
(release: 2009)

Solo Boogie Woogie & Blues Piano
(release: 2008)

Ninth Annual Blues & Boogie
Piano Summit
(release: 2008)

Let The Four Winds Blow

(release: 2008)

Doing The Boogie Woogie
Boogie Woogie Piano
6th Annual Blues & Boogie
Piano Summit

5e Festival De Boogie Woogie
Festival De La Roquebrou

Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band

Groovin'The Boogie

The Boogie Never Stops

Boogie Woogie Duets Live In Concert

Double Up Boogie

Trainride (1998) -
Available again!

Doin' The Boogie Woogie
(1996) - Available again!!

Boogie Woogie Adventures