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The Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band is the swinging band of Dutch boogie woogie and blues pianist Martijn Schok. The band toured in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and the USA. Martijn and his band also performed during the famous Jazzfestival in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland.

The music of the band is great for dancing, and is also great listening music because of the varied repertoire and the musical qualities of the individual bandmembers.

The band plays swinging boogie woogie, exciting rhythm 'n blues, rock 'n roll and emotional blues songs with a jazzy sound. This combination of styles results in a very groovy mix of roots music, centered around piano boogie woogie and piano blues, played by the Dutch master of the genre.

The band is the 'home band' of the annual Heineken International Boogie & Blues Festival Holland, accompanying the invited international piano players from all around the world.



Photos: Robert Joore

Martijn Schok (piano)

The name Martijn Schok is synonymous with boogie woogie and piano blues. Martijn has played many European jazz and blues festivals and can be seen regularly at festivals in the USA.

Martijn performs solo, as well as with his swinging 5- to 7- piece band, and has up till now released sixteen successful boogie woogie CDs. Also, Martijn can be heard on many CDs as a guest boogie woogie or blues piano player.

October 19th 2013, Martijn received the German Pinetop Boogie Woogie Award "Pianist Of The Year 2013/2014"

Martijn's piano style is characterized by a large dose of swing, a steady groove and a high degree of virtuosity. It is clear he has a great deal of admiration for the music of the early American boogie woogie originators.

Martijn is a respected interpreter of the boogie woogie style and appears at famous international festivals, such as the festival in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA), the Queen City Blues Festival in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), the Motor City Boogie & Blues Festival in Detroit (Michigan, USA), Blues Passions in France, and the international boogie woogie festivals in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, England, Spain and the USA.

Besides his performing qualities, Martijn is the Artistic Director and founder of the Heineken International Boogie & Blues Festival Holland.

Greta Holtrop (vocals)

With her versatile vocal talent and charismatic stage presence, singer Greta Holtrop forms the perfect partner for Martijn’s swinging piano style. Her expressive voice, full of sincerity and emotion, seduces the ear with sultry interpretations
of sensitive blues songs, turning just as easily to lively, swinging boogies. Boogie woogie great, Big Joe Duskin, has described her vocal tone as somewhere between Billie Holiday and Dina Washington.

Together with Martijn, Greta performed during Boogie Woogie and Blues Festival in the USA, Switzerland, France, Belgium and England. Greta also sang with other top boogie woogie players such as Bob Seeley (USA), Charlie Booty (USA), Jean-Paul Amouroux (F), Axel Zwingenberger (D), Ricky Nye (USA), Little Willie Littlefield (USA), Silvan Zingg (CH), Stefano Franco (It) and Mark Braun (USA).

Greta is vocalist and presenter of the successful theatre show, The Grand Piano Boogie Train with pianists Martijn Schok, Jaap Dekker and Jeroen Sweers.

Greta performed many times for national television in Holland as well as regional TV stations in the USA.

Olaf Hoeks (tenor saxophone)

Self thaughtt, inspired by the great swing tenors and rhythm 'n blues tenors from the 40's and 50's, such as Illinois Jacquet and Red Prysock.
Olaf shared the stage with many musicians including the Rosenberg Tria and the American crooner Ingram Washington.

Olaf's motto is: it don’t mean a thing if it ain”t got that swing...!


Hans Ruigrok (contrabas en basgitaar)

Na het afronden van zijn studie aan het Conservatorium in 1986 toerde Hans Ruigrok (1955) 7 jaar door West Europa met het Glenn Miller orkest van Wil Salden.

Hij speelt en speelde ondermeer met PB and the Nighttrain, Max Teawhistle, Big Jay McNeely, Georgie Fame, Johnny Meijer, Bolle Jan Froger, Rinus Groeneveld, Wouter Kiers en vele anderen.

Zijn voorkeur gaat uit naat Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Blues en Soul. Maar ook de Amsterdamsche Accordeonmuziek draagt hij een warm hart toe.

Tevens runt hij Jazzcafe 't Geveltje in Amsterdam.

Maarten Kruijswijk (drums)

In the life of the Amsterdam based drummer Maarten Kruijswijk (1964) the groove is the central thing. After completing his education at the Dutch Conservatory in 1989, he peformed for three years in the salsa band Fruta Bomba. After that he played, and still does, with tenorsaxophone player Rinus Groeneveld and played with Big Jay McNeely.

Maarten's jazz preference is Swing & Boogie. Combining these very swinging styles with his experience with Latin rhythms results in a natural basis for playing groovy New Orleans beats.

Because of his work as a drummer at the Dutch Acedemy for Dancing, he is always inspired to play music in a way that can be well danced on. "Rhythms exist to be danced on and to have fun!"


Stephan Jankowski (gitaar)

De band kan worden uitgebreid met Stephan Jankowski op gitaar. Stephan studeerde gitaar aan het GIT in Los Angeles, kwam daarna naar Hilversum waar hij het conservatorium volgde. Hij was gedurende 10 jaar elektrisch gitarist in Upside Down, de begeleidingsband van saxofoniste Rosa King waarmee hij de halve wereld rondtoerde.

Hij werkte verder met: Georgie Fame, Hans Dulfer, Hans Zilver, Fronk, Arthur Umbgrove, Rick de Vito, P.B. & The Nighttrain, Sofie & Sofour, Skymasters, Hot Bolshevik, Double Brown, Sister Sledge, Jack Clement, the Watchman, All The King’s Roses, Aggieland en vele anderen.

Daarnaast is Stephan actief als producer en runt hij zijn eigen NOPO opnamestudio te Amsterdam.


Eduardo Blanco (trumpet)

Eduardo Blanco received his musical education all over the world, and each experience throughout the years is reflected in his own style - an intricate, atmospheric, deeply personal interpretation of vintage old jazz. His journeys around the world provided him with ever-changing careers that clearly show his great versatility – from playing gigs every night in the lively music scene in Barcelona, Spain, to studying jazz for two years at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, or jamming with jazz greats at vibrant clubs deep in the heart of Amsterdam.

His versatility is further demonstrated by his sessions with salsa legend Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez and big band DVD recordings in Barcelona’s premier concert hall Palau de la Musica. But his focus remains, as it always has, on his true love: performing early bebop with the best jazz musicians available – as a tribute to his musical heroes and because of a heartfelt passion for the genre.

After teaching at Barcelona’s famous Taller de Musics music school for six years he returned to Holland permanently. Since then he has quickly become an in-demand session player and a respected bandleader with his own quintet.

His widely recognized talent and commitment to bringing classic jazz to new audiences worldwide brought him into contact with two jazz legends: drummer John Engels and bassist Jean Louis Rassinfosse, both of whom worked extensively with the late great Chet Baker. Engels and Rassinfosse recognized in Blanco a shared passion for pure jazz and were thrilled when Blanco brought them together to share the stage again after so many years.